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    Hummingbird Facts and Symbolism coach outlet

    Hummingbird FactsHummingbirds are part of the order Apodiformes and the family Trochilidae. They are tiny little birds that are typically three to five inches in length; some species (and there are hundreds of species) are no larger than a bumblebee. coach factory outle

    They are named for the sound their wings make, which sounds like a hum. This is caused by how fast they beat their wings, which can be anywhere from 12 to 80 beats per second, allowing them to hover similar to a dragonfly. They are also the only family of birds that can fly in reverse, and they are able to fly at speeds of 34mph or faster. real jordans for cheap

    These fascinating little birds have the ability to go into a hibernation like state, called torpor, which allows them to conserve their energy in times of food scarcity or while they are sleeping. They drink nectar, and are able to determine the amount of sugar in the nectar, similar to bees. They have quite a sweet tooth, and will not drink any nectar that is less than 10 percent sugar. However, nectar doesn't provide all the nutrients the hummingbird needs. To make up the difference, they snack on insects and spiders. cheap jordans free shipping

    The Taino people were indigenous to the areas that we currently know as Columbia, the Bahamas, and the Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles and were relatives of the Arawak people located in South America. coach outlet online

    The Taino saw the hummingbirds as a symbol of rebirth. In fact, the hummingbird was the symbol for the one who spread life across the world. The Taino myth of the hummingbirds states there were at one time flies that had been transformed by Agueybaba, the Sun God. They were a symbol of peace and protection. Interestingly, however, the Taino warriors were called Calibri Warriors, or Hummingbird Warriors. cheap authentic jordans

    Other TraditionsSeveral other traditions have different myths about the hummingbird. coach bags outlet

    The Cherokee believed their medicine men would take the form of a hummingbird in order to find a missing plant. coach factory online

    The Hopi and Zuni thought hummingbirds intervened and spoke with the Gods convincing them to bring rain to humankind. Because of this they painted water jars with the image of hummingbirds. cheap real jordans

    The people of the Caribbean thought the spirits of relatives resided in the tiny birds. michael kors factory outlet online

    The Spanish called the birds Joyas Voladores which meant Flying Jewels. michael kors outlet online

    Magical AttributesLike the peoples of the Americas, pagans also believe hummingbirds have meaning and magical attributes. Because it is an air element, it has many similarities with the dragonfly and the butterfly. It is associated with rebirth, dreams and messages. The hummingbird feather has been used in spells for love. The bird itself can be invoked for performing magic related to happiness, truth, balance and relaxation. polo ralph lauren factory store

    As a totem, and because of its ability to fly backwards, the hummingbird reminds us that we should reflect on our past, but not get stuck in it; we have to move forward. The bird urges us to be persistent in life, and to never give up. The hummingbird also reminds us that balance is the key; we must find harmony in our lives in order to be truly happy. They make wonderful pets, but require a bit of preparation before you bring them home. michael kors outlet

    Learn about dragonflies, what they eat and how they fly as well as the type of habitat in which they live. We'll also explore some of the more popular myths and legends surrounding the dragonfly. polo ralph lauren outlet

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